So, what’s Moto all about? What does it even mean? I’m glad you asked! First of all, Moto means movement, which is what we are all about. We are a movement of middle school students (5th – 8th) that are learning to love God and love others.
Moto Games

Whats Moto Like?

Moto is a high-energy environment that is not for the faint of heart… not quite, but it is super fun. We show crazy videos, play some sweet games, worship God through singing and dig into what it means to follow Jesus through teaching and group time. All you really need to know is you (or your student) will love it.

When is Moto?

We meet every Monday during the public school year from 7pm – 8:30pm at the Watermark Hub. We follow the Grand Haven Middle School calendar, so if there isn’t school, there isn’t Moto. This works for holidays, snow days and other cancellations. We also have some fun events throughout the year that you will find on the events calendar. Also, to stay in touch with us on weekly basis check out our Facebook group.

Bring a friend and come hang out with us.