This is in our roots!

Watermark was planted in 2003 with a vision to multiply churches to reach new people. We were able to plant a church in Muskegon as well as help resource a few other church starts. For the past seven years we’ve explored adding another Watermark site, but didn’t sense it was the right time. However, our leadership team believes that now is the time to multiply by adding a Watermark site. By adding a site we are staying true to our original vision of multiplying to reach people who are not yet followers of Jesus.

From day one we have clearly proclaimed that the church is not a building, a location or a program. The church is the body of Jesus, the followers of Jesus, on His mission. Our mantra has been, “Be the church.” Watermark is not defined by where we meet, when we gather, or what programs we have. Watermark is our faith family that gathers and scatters together on God’s mission. Therefore, where we gather is not what defines us…Jesus and our life together on mission does.

Some additional benefits of becoming a church with multiple sites:

  • Churches that start new sites reach a higher percentage of unchurched people.
  • Helps reach family, friends and co-workers who are open to a gathering closer to their home.
  • Offers new opportunities for new people to get involved and be developed.
  • Increases space and seats during the most desirable gathering times.
  • Overcomes geographic barriers by launching new sites instead of building bigger buildings.
  • Provides the most cost effective way to multiply church communities to reach people.

Join The Launch Team


First and foremost, we are adding another Watermark gathering/sending site to reach people who are not connected to a church family and to help them become followers of Jesus and join His mission.

A new Watermark gathering site, in a different location, enables Watermarkers from that area to be more locally engaged in their mission focus and involvement.

It will be located at the Trillium Events Center at 17246 Van Wagoner Rd, Spring Lake, MI. It is located just north of Ferrysburg, close to US 31.
We will launch the new gathering site on September 11th. Our public launch to the community will be October 2nd.
  • 9:00 am @ The Hub
  • 10:00 am @ The Trillium
  • 11:00 am @ The Hub
No. The teaching will be the same, with the same teacher, who will drive between locations. It will be the same gathering in a different location. Surf City will also be the same with the same curriculum.
No. We are ONE Watermark faith family that will be gathering in two locations.
We currently are ONE Watermark faith family that gathers at three different times. We have one mission and purpose and this new site is a vehicle to help us be more effective in pursuing this together.
Steve Thompson will be the consistent site pastor at the new site. He will be present to give leadership, encouragement and make connections at the new site. Our staff team will move back and forth a bit as well.

PRAYER – Pray that God would bring new people to Jesus and empower us together. Also ask God how He is inviting you to be involved.

GIVE / SERVE – We will share opportunities in the near future to financially give to help provide the necessary equipment for the new location. Also, this is an excellent time to jump in and serve at either location.

JOIN THE LAUNCH TEAM – We will be putting together a launch team of Watermarkers and friends. Pray and ask God if He is inviting you to join this team. This team will be critical to effectiveness of the new site and it can be made up of people who live in the new site area or anywhere else. You can sign up to be a part of these team in form below.