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My two children and I are still desperately looking for housing in Norton Shores or closely surrounding areas (so they can stay in their current school) the home we were renting was forclosed on due to the owner not paying the mortgage, it went to sheriff sale and did not sell but it is my understanding that a realtor has done a quit deed with the previous owner and now has ownership of the home. He is sending random people over daily to work on the home (inside and out) it is causing a LOT of disruption and chaos in our lives. I don’t have a lot of income and can’t work full time due to my son’s emotional impairment, my credit took a dive last summer after losing 2 jobs to have to stay home with my son. I’m feeling very stuck and out of options. If anyone knows of any housing in the area, has a home they could rent or even do a rent to own. I was pretty blindsided by this situation and not at all prepared for this. Any help is appreciated and prayers are needed! Thank you!