Awaken to Life Group Chat

Hey Group Leaders and Hosts!

We’re heading into Week 5 of Finding Your Way Back to God. You probably have the story of the Prodigal Son memorized now, and you’re like… how long does it really take someone to come back home? And how many awakenings can a person really have? The answer: 5! That’s it.

I’m going to cover two things in this webisode.

  1. Week 6 is your group serving or playing together. I want to make sure you’ve got some serve ideas.
  2. What do I do if this series isn’t relating to our group like I thought it might?

I’m going assume that you know how to play. So if that’s what you’re doing as a group in two weeks, then have fun! If you’re going to serve together, and you don’t have something that would be a natural project, maybe something that someone in your group is already serving with and could invite everyone else to come along, then here are a couple of ideas…

Positive Options here in Grand Haven doesn’t have a cleaning or maintenance crew. This could be an ongoing opportunity for your group to ONCE a month on your group night meet up at Positive Options, clean the place, pray together, then walk over to JW’s to grab a drink and dessert.

Project Hope (not to be confused with Hope’s Outlet) as a thrift store that they need to transition to Christmas mode. Your group could help them decorate and put out Christmas related stock. how much ivermectine to give a person

Phoenix Basketball… we need a coach! What if someone in your group would be great at encouraging and investing in some teenage boys? Then the rest of your group could adopt the team as team parents, show up at games, bring snacks. john lee ivermectin That would be a huge win!

Journey to Bethlehem has a ton of opportunities to help bring the birth story of Jesus come to life right here in town. Go to the Community Jar to see how you can help. Not only do people get to hear about Jesus, but all proceeds after expenses go to TriCities Habitat for Humanity.

For all of these projects except the Phoenix, you can get more details or sign up by contacting Jeff Steele, our new Go Local leader, at If you’d like to do the Phoenix, contact me.

Alright, the rest of this is simply to address those groups that maybe this series doesn’t seem to be connecting with. ivermectina e azitromicina como tomar So if you’re still with me, here are my thoughts…

The stories in the videos are all pretty dramatic turnaround stories. Those are easy ones to champion. But have people process and share their stories of not only surrendering to Jesus, but of instances where we didn’t trust, or didn’t obey, or made a poor decision. Those are all “finding our way back to God” moments, even if they aren’t the big dramatic ones. Help your group get comfortable sharing those stories with each other.

Weeks 4 & 5 should still be really relevant as a study in where we get our identity from and then how to live a full and abundant life. But if you feel like the questions aren’t getting anywhere, try using the bonus assignment during your group. Take time for everyone to reflectively read the suggested Scripture passage, listen to God, journal, and then share for a while what people were impressed by.

I could probably go on and on with ideas on this, but I don’t want to talk forever if these aren’t questions you’re asking. So if you need more help with navigating through the discussion and making it relevant for your context, please give me a call and we can talk more about it. I want to be a resource for you.

Otherwise, please let me know if there are any cool God stories happening! We want to celebrate those! Yes, we count how many people are connected in groups, but FAR MORE important are stories of God showing up in people’s lives!

God, we know you’re real, continue to make yourself real to us! Awaken us this coming week to what it looks like to step into your life, full, abundant, and eternal life!


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