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Hey Group Leaders and Hosts!

I’m excited because I’m sitting here on the set where we’ve shot a few of the video stories for our upcoming series, Finding Your Way Back to God. como tomar ivermectina pelo peso And it’s just so awesome to be encouraged to hear how God has shown up in people’s lives and made a visible, tangible difference and impact! I get so excited thinking about how this person in front of me is totally different. scabies ivermectin pills And then I even get more excited thinking about who might be hearing this on a Sunday morning… it might be the story that captures their heart and helps them take that next step in coming back to God.

But you’re not watching this to hear me spew on about that. koupit revectina You want details!

Next week, is week one!

You need a discussion guide! I know several of you have been looking at the google doc I’ve shared and because of the feedback you’ve given, I’ve made some changes to the printed edition that you’ll be receiving on Sunday. Please don’t leave the gathering without grabbing a copy for you and each person in your group. This is the finished product.

Here’s the deal with this discussion guide…

This is a foundational framework to work from. You should be able to just pick it up and roll. However, it’s generic because I don’t know the culture of each group and can’t cater to every setting. So I’d encourage you to give it a look over at sometime before your group with the mindset of, will this question work with my group? Some of these questions might be too heavy and deep for your group. Change it up!

Some of this might be too basic and not where your friends are at spiritually. Change it up!

Use this as a springboard for your conversation.

Just don’t change The Challenge. That’s where we’re going to see God show up is all of us asking God, if He’s there, to make Himself real to us.

There’s a Pray Together section at the end of every group. It’s super important to pray together as a group every week. But how you pray together is completely up to you. What I suggested might feel weird and awkward and silly to you. Pray together in a way that works for you and your group. That’s totally fine.

Finally, there’s a Bonus Assignment for the motivated. I think these could be powerful for people if they really engage with it. So I’d at the very least ask that you consider doing that bonus assignment, and if God speaks to you, share with your Group the next week what you felt like God spoke to you during the week. The degree to which you are willing to open up and share and be real with your group is the level to which your group will be willing to go.

If you don’t have your DVD yet, then meet with me at the end of whichever gathering you come to and I’ll hook you up and answer any questions you might have.

Otherwise, every Friday through this series I’m going to send out one of these emails to fill you in on any changes, as well as give you some helpful tips and tricks to work with the discussion guide and win with your group. So please keep watching these videos or reading the transcript!


  1. Linda Luckey on October 4, 2015 at 10:56 pm

    Thanks for the huge effort you’ve put into this, Steve, in supplying everything we need as we all kick off FYWBTG. Appreciate it heaps!

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