Big Current Summer 2013


We’ve all been to the gas station and come up 2 cents short of being able to pay to the exact penny. Standing at the counter you look down and see this little plastic cup of change that says, “Give a penny, take a penny.” Arn’t you grateful you can grab 2 pennies so that you don’t end up getting $.98 in change back! It’s just a small way we can be neighbors to each other.

Within Watermark there have been people who have needed small favors like borrowing a weed whacker because theirs broke or getting a helping hand to finish off painting some hard to reach places. On the other side, there are people who wish they could help out more but just don’t know who might need help. To bridge the gap, we started the Community Jar.

The Community Jar gives Watermarkers a forum to help each other out as a faith family. If you’re a life group leader and you want to find a project for your group to serve together on, check out the possibilities. If you’re in a position where you hate to inconvenience anyone, but for whatever reason you’re in a jam and need a hand, get the word out. If you want to help out a neighbor, but you could use a couple more hands and your life group is busy, put a shout out on the Community Jar. You’ll even find some of our community partners on there with some of their projects from time-to-time.

It’s very easy to use: find a project you can help with, enter your name / email / phone number and then hit submit. Only the project owner will see your personal information so you don’t have to worry about it being posting on the website. And believe it or not, it is just as easy to submit a project!

Check it out here! Everyone is a part of the community, whether you have a need or can help a need. how much ivermectin pour on for cattle

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