Big Current Summer 2013


At Watermark, everyone is a minister. Everyone. Jesus left all of us with the exact same mission and didn’t elevate anyone as more important than another.

It’s been so cool to see how different Watermarkers have taken that mission to their workplaces and live it out. Jeff Johnson is one of those Watermarkers. He’s worked at the Ottawa County Road Commission for 33 years culminating in being the Operations Superintendent. That’s his title, but Jeff has been a minister at the road commission. You ask anyone who has worked with Jeff and they’ll tell you who they go to for counsel, or prayer, or encouragement… Jeff Johnson.

So when Jeff was forced to take an early retirement due to cancer, he still had this gifting and passion that drives him.

In the New Testament you read of how God set certain people apart for specific tasks. Once, while the church in Antioch was fasting and praying, the Spirit told them to lay hands on Paul and Barnabas to send them out as church planters. For Timothy, it was all about recognizing the gifts and talents God had given him. So the church got around him, laid hands on him and told him to use those gifts as a minister.

Recognizing Jeff’s God-given gifts, we’ve invited him to be a part of our Watermark staff, laid hands on him and prayed over him. Because we haven’t had a completely volunteer staff person since the first few of years of our journey, we are excited to have Jeff serve as our Outreach and Care Pastor!

If you would like prayer, a listening ear, sage advice, or even someone to perform your wedding, hook up with Jeff. You can reach him at: or 616.566.7050.

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