Big Current Summer 2015

Moto Retrospective

As the school year was winding down, and tests, final projects and papers begin to pile up our middle school students met for the last Moto of the year. During the final Monday night I took time to look back with our students at all the things we had talked about and all the things they had learned over the past school year. We easily forget to do this in our always connected, fast paced lives. This was also important for me because I wanted to send our students off into their summer breaks remembering who God is and what purpose He has for their lives. As I walked through the teachings, series and ideas that we learned I couldn’t help but think about the life change that had happened in so many of our students lives.

Over the past year:

  • We saw students who don’t feel like they belong to any particular group of friends find a community that they could belong to and trust.
  • We saw students lead worship and serve behind the scenes to help create an environment where God could be worshiped.
  • We saw students trust God fully with their lives.
  • We saw students ask their leaders hard questions that they wouldn’t ask anyone else.
  • We saw students worship God knowing He loved them no matter what.

God worked through our amazing student and adult leaders this year to make a long lasting impact in our students lives. I am so grateful to this team that surrounds me and for our awesome students who keep me on my toes and teach me so much. I look forward to a great summer and another great year of Moto!

Brad Zimmerman
Middle School Director

Moto Summer Calendar

All incoming 5th-8th graders are welcome to join us this summer.

  • Monday, July 6, 7pm // Movie Night @ Watermark Hub
  • Monday, July 27, 7pm // Game Night @ Watermark Hub
  • Monday, August 10, 6pm // Skyzone, $15, parent drivers needed
  • Monday, August 24, 7pm // Bon Fire, Location TBD

Events and Date subject to change, please see and the Watermark Facebook page for the most up to date information. Questions? Email Brad Zimmerman

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