If you’re looking to connect into the life of Watermark or take another step on your spiritual journey, it’s Life Groups you’re looking for.

What Is A Life Group?

Life Groups gather Watermarkers across all sorts of ages, stages of life, and geographical locations. A majority of groups use a resource (a book, a DVD, the Bible, etc.) to prompt discussion and prayer. Other groups gather to serve, to play games, or to enjoy a hobby together. All of our groups exist to connect people with others and connect people with God.

Life change happens in circles,
not rows.

Our Groups run on a semester timetable similar to the school year. So you’ll hear a lot about joining a group in September, January and May. But you can join, or better yet, start a group anytime you want.

Find the Right Group For You

Check out this semester’s open Life Groups here.

If you want to look into starting one, you can contact Steve Thompson. Or you can just invite a handful of friends to hang out with you regularly to connect with each other and connect with God and “we” don’t even need to know about it!