Student Ministry Pastor

We’re currently looking for someone who will give leadership to Moto and Verge, our middle and high school student ministries for Watermark. Moto currently includes approximately 15 students, 5th-8th grades. Verge currently includes approximately 12 students, 9th-12th grades.

We’re looking for a leader with a passion to see students grow to know and follow Jesus. We have a heart for reproduction and investment, which in Moto & Verge looks like investing in and raising up both adult and student leaders to create a dynamic community and passionate mission. While much attention is given to programming events/gatherings, they are merely one piece of the puzzle in inviting in and sending out students equipped to follow Jesus on mission.

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Watermark in West Michigan

Watermark launched in 2003 to help people find Jesus, find a faith family, and find a mission. We currently have around 300 worshiping with us in two Sunday morning gatherings. Our heart, as we continue to grow, is to reproduce extended families on mission, seeing God's kingdom expand while raising up missionaries and leaders.

We’re located in beautiful Grand Haven, a beach vacation getaway on Lake Michigan in the summer and winter wonderland in the winter. It’s a smaller suburban area situated between Muskegon and Holland with an easy 45 minute drive to Grand Rapids.

Responsibilities and Expectations

The effective Student Ministry Director will achieve the following goals:

  • Identify, develop, equip, empower and lead both the Moto & Verge volunteer staff.
  • Be a visible support to parents and families.
  • Make connections with the local schools and student populations.
  • Bring alignment, focus, and clear strategies to both Moto & Verge.
  • Continually evaluate and determine if on track with the Mission, Values, and Purposes.
  • Lead and collaborate with the gifted and creative volunteers of Moto & Verge creating community centered on the core values and theology of Watermark.
  • Take initiative in spending time with and investing in students outside of gatherings.
  • Innovate and execute simple and reproducible means of empowering and releasing students.
  • Create avenues for student musicians to use and practice their talents.


  • A Bachelor's Degree in Student Ministry or related fields, OR has several years of experience leading a student ministries in a local church.


  • Experience working with a wide range of students and volunteers in a church setting.
  • Experience with strategic planning, executing, managing, and growing a dynamic student ministry.
  • Experience developing teams of volunteer leaders who feel equipped to invest in students.
  • Ability to mediate differences using conflict resolution tools.
  • Comfortable speaking to groups (both students and adults).

Personal Characteristics

  • A demonstrated thriving relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • A demonstrated high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of ethical principles.
  • A demonstrated ownership in the organization, possessing a chemistry with the faith family of Watermark and staff.
  • A humility and transparency that breeds authenticity.
  • Able to fully embrace the mission and vision of Watermark.
  • A willingness to model the values of Watermark: We are sent on mission to make apprentices of Jesus by being the presence of Jesus.
    Ability to recruit, train, inspire and encourage volunteer leaders.
  • A self-starter, entrepreneur, vision-driven worker, with a strong work-ethic.
  • An innovative and energetic team player and team builder.
  • A person willing to focus on the good of the entire faith family and willing to inspire others to work together to achieve organizational excellence.
  • A servant leader and one who thrives on providing the necessary support for others to succeed.
  • Energetic and enthusiastic people person, yet able to exude a calming influence when needed.
  • Approachable and available to both staff and families as needed.
  • Possesses a high degree of relational and emotional intelligence, as well as healthy boundaries.
  • Embraces all generations and culture groups within the church and community.


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