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I am in need of ANY and all information about housing in Norton Shores. The house I rent with my two boy’s is being forclosed on due to my “landlord” not paying the mortgage. We need to stay in Mona Shores school district due to the fact I also work at a school and can’t transport my kids to theirs since we have the same schedule. Also they just started this school this year and are striving behaviorally which is HUGE!! I know having to switch schools would be detrimental to them so I need to avoid that at ALL cost. Because the house is being foreclosed on I’m not positive how much time I actually have. My credit is not good enough for me to get financing but I am working on that. Any info or leads to a home for my kids and I would be MUCH appreciated. In the meantime prayers for us!

I just got off the phone with the law ofdice sending the landlord mail at this address, the home will be going up for sale the 28th of this month, that gives me 24 day to find a home. Impossible!