25 Day Reading Plan

Miraculous catch and Peter, James & John follow
Today we begin our be a disciple journey by joining Jesus as he is preaching on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. His disciples are confronted with two major questions that will change they lives forever. Do you trust me and will you leave everything to follow me?

Beatitudes / Salt and Light

Today we join the disciples of Jesus on a hillside as He teaches us to see and participate in the upside down Kingdom life of God. What is He saying to us? What will we do about it?

Love of Enemies

Jesus continues His great “Sermon on the Mount” and shares one of the most difficult teachings imaginable. Will we follow His way? What would it look like?

Treasure and Worry

Do you find yourself anxious? Jesus understands and spoke to His disciples about where to focus their attention and trust in moments of worry.

Revelation/Response - Sand and Rock

Today we read the end of Jesus’ great teaching on the hillside to His disciples. Will we move beyond hearing His teaching and begin to put it into practice?

Matthew Follows and Jesus’ Calling

Today we read about an encounter of someone that society despised (tax collector) being wanted by Jesus. Jesus shares what He is looking for in disciples.

Cost of Following Jesus

Today we encounter some examples of people who were really interested in following Jesus, BUT…

Jesus Sends Out 72 Disciples

Jesus believed everyone should get to play! So Jesus equips and sends out a large group of followers to go do what He’s been doing. Can Jesus’ disciples really do what Jesus did?

A Disciple’s Call to Love

Today we encounter a familiar story that begins with the question, “who am I required to really love?” Where do we draw the line?

Mary and Martha

Today we find Jesus at one of His favorite places to visit, the home of his friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus in Bethany. Will we sit at His feet?

Jesus and Prayer

Jesus modeled and taught prayer to His disciples. What will His disciples believe about their heavenly Father?

Jesus and Religious Leaders

Jesus was full of grace and truth. In this passage we find Jesus challenging religious leaders with the truth that sees beyond the surface. What will Jesus say to us?

Parable of the Soils

Jesus loved using stories and parables in his teaching because they’re sticky. They’re difficult to forget. But they also risk being misunderstood. How is this parable being received in your heart?

Jesus Declared as Messiah

Peter goes from head of the class to flunking out within minutes. Allow Jesus to shape your expectations of winning and losing, success and failure through this passage.

Transfiguration & Freeing a Boy

Our lives often mirror this rollercoaster from mountain top to deepest valley. Yet Jesus says that our reliance on and trust in him can actually shift the landscape of life as we see it. No matter where you find yourself in the landscape of life, where do you find Jesus directing your attention and focus today?

Parables of the Lost Sheep, Coin, and Sons

Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend exactly how precious people are to our Father God. But having compassion probably begins with understanding and experiencing how much compassion has been showered on us. Let Jesus remind you today.

Persistent and Humble Prayer

That a disciple prays is simply assumed. But our internal postures of prayer are where the power lies. Jesus gives us two pitfalls to avoid in prayer.

Jesus Washes Feet

The leadership and Lordship of Jesus looks radically different than any that had gone before. In Jesus’ final moments with his friends, he graphically models the way disciples must lead as His followers.

Listen & Obey / Holy Spirit Speaks

Jesus insists that we can have the exact same relationship with the Father as he does. And because we can know and trust our Dad, he invites us disciples to listen and obey, even when he is no longer physically present.

Vine and Branches

If we didn’t fully understand what Jesus was saying in John 14, he gives us a metaphor to graphically illustrate the life of the disciple in complete dependence on Jesus and the Father. What does it look like to live your life abiding in Him?

Jesus’ Final Prayer

When a person does something knowing it will be their final act before dying, it carries the weight of a lifetime of priority, right? What is on Jesus’ heart for his disciples as he cries out to the Father? Is this our lifetime priority as well?

Jesus’ Death

Jesus says the way of the disciple is to lay down one’s life and to pick up one’s cross. We bear that in mind as we witness what Jesus endures. Will we follow him even in his sufferings?

Jesus’ Resurrection & Appearance

This is eyewitness testimony to the most profound miracle the universe has ever reported. Do you believe? Can you bear witness to Jesus alive and well in your life?

Day: Matthew 28:16-20 & Acts 1:1-11

Jesus’ Mission

After Jesus conquers death and the grave, but before Jesus returns to the Father, he imparts the authority and power to accomplish his mission, for all of his followers/disciples across all of time. This is now our mission.

The Jesus Community of Disciples is Born

What would it look like for a group of people from so many different backgrounds and beliefs, locations and stations in society, to form a family on mission? This is the beginning of the story that is still being written in our day.