Watermark Church was born from a passion to see people find Jesus, find a faith family to belong to, and find a mission to give their lives for. A study of the Grand Haven area and surrounding communities revealed that around 60% of people were not regularly connected to a church community. So in January 2003, All Shores Wesleyan (formally known as Spring Lake Wesleyan) announced that they were going to partner with other area Wesleyan Churches to plant a new church to meet this need.


A Watermark is a mark of identification and authenticity that can be seen on paper when held up to the light.

We desire to have people see Jesus in us. We want to be marked and identified as authentic followers of Jesus.

A Watermark is a pattern used to imprint a mark of identification.

We desire to sharing Jesus around us. We want to imprint the lives of those we encounter with Jesus.

A Watermark is an indicating mark of where water was at its peak.

We desire to join God in redeeming all creation. We want to be used by God to see people redeemed to their intended design.


Since the beginning our mantra has been, “being the Church, making disciples.” We believe that the church is not a building you drive to or a program you attend. The church is the Body of Jesus Christ - the family of God - sent on God’s mission. Therefore, you are BEING the church in your neighborhood and local community! These are some of the highlights of how we are joining God on His mission locally, regionally and globally.


Watermark Launches

For first 9 years we rented the Grand Haven High School cafeteria, keeping our focus not on our programs but on being sent into our community.


The Laundry Hub

The Laundry Hub opens in rented office space, which allows people without access to affordable laundry facilities a place to wash clothes for free. 

Fall of 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief

Teams start traveling to Gulfport, Mississippi to help with emergency and rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.


Sowetto, South Africa

We began a partnership with Bocamosa in Sowetto, South Africa to provide education and mentoring to young people facing incredible barriers to attend school, who want to make an impact in their local communities.


Kids Hope USA

Our partnership begins with Rosy Mound Elementary through Kids Hope to provide mentoring and support for at-risk students. We start seeing the impact of one person giving one hour per week to one student can bring.


Haitian Earthquake

After the 2012 earthquake devastated Haiti, we began a partnership with local Haitians to help with rebuilding and education. This partnership lead to 7+ trips and $50,000+ towards education.


The Trillium Location

In an effort to make a greater local impact we launched our second location at the Trillium in 2016 with the goal to reach more people in Ferrysburg & South Muskegon.

We also partner with various other programs and organizations so as not to duplicate services, but to come alongside already existing efforts. Individuals and groups have rallied around Love in Action, Positive Options, 70x7 Ministries, Habitat for Humanity, Central High School, Safe Families, Family Promise, Meet Up and Eat Up, and so many others.


You don’t have to be a follower of Jesus in order to belong. And you certainly don’t need any special spiritual or religious background or qualifications. While we want everyone everywhere to find and follow Jesus, find a faith family to belong to, and find a mission and purpose to live for, we think the best way to do that is to jump in and see if it’s for you. See if it’s the real deal.

We are so glad you took the time to get to know us and we look forward to getting to know you!