December 21, 2014

Love Advent Week 3 In an impossibly lavish, seemingly rash, almost desperate act of love, God made himself incredibly vulnerable… becoming a baby in a poor family, searching for shelter, exposed to a barn and a violently jealous king.  God poured out his love by coming near, moving into our world, immersing himself in our…


December 14, 2014

Joy Advent Week 2 Last week, we meditated on the fact that Jesus, the light of the world, is the source of all our hopes. This week we discover Jesus as the source of true JOY. Following Jesus’ birth, Simeon prophetically shared with Mary that, “This child is destined to cause many in Israel to…

Good News

December 7, 2014

Hope Advent Week 1 Today we celebrate HOPE.  We obviously live in a world where death, disease, disasters, crime, and self-focus run rampant.  So it’s a temptation to focus on those things and lose sight of God’s plan and promise to undo the effects of that curse.  But Peter reminds us why we can focus…