Awaken to Need Group Chat

Hey Group Leaders and Hosts!

I have to start off by saying, keep praying! God is hearing our prayers and showing up. Just to give you a sketch of some of the stories…

We had a daughter that parents have been praying for just wake up on Sunday morning and feel like they needed to go to church. When she get here, she felt like God spoke right to her. He showed up!

We had a couple from the Laundry Hub who have been invited to come for years. The LH volunteer invited them, went to pick them up, had lunch afterward and is just loving on them. They’re sending God is speaking to them and has sent them an angel.

We had another Watermarker share that they have been awakened to how lost they are and absolutely stuck in an addiction. They came clean and are starting to get help.

The high school reached out to us because they had a student’s family in a precarious and homeless position. Not only did Watermarkers provide monetary support, but stepped up and opened up free housing to get them through this tough spot. betway

We’re praying, “God, if you’re real, make yourself real to me.” Hopefully you’re hearing stories in your group of how God is showing up. Please, share those stories! We can’t keep a lid on what God is doing! And please, keep praying those prayers daily and as a group. كيفية ربح المال I think we’re going to see a LOT of people return home, and return to Jesus.

Two notes on the Discussion Guide:

1. We designed the prayer time as a suggestion for groups that might not be comfortable praying together or out loud. If playing a song on YouTube would go over like CarrotTop at a comedy club, then do something else. bet365 arab Do what fits for your group.

2. Seriously consider doing the bonus assignment and challenging your group to do the same. Really, all it is is helping people engage with God on a more daily basis through reading Scripture and then listening to the Holy Spirit. If you combine that time of listening and reflecting with the prayer for God to show up, we’re going to see and hear God moving all over the the place.

So that’s my encouragement this week.

Don’t forget to let me know who all is in your group!



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