Awaken to Regret Group Chat

Hey Group Leaders and Hosts!

Here’s a heads up on this week’s discussion. كازينو عربي We’re talking about Awakening to Regret. So this has the potential to get pretty deep pretty fast. لعبة قمار حقيقية

For your groups that have been together for a while, lean into this and really encourage people to share. Now, this usually means speed of the leader, speed of the team. You set the pace. So how deep are you willing to share?

I know for me, since I’m speaking this Sunday, these are my least favorite weeks to share because we’re always looking for personal stories to illustrate what we’re talking about. I joke that I often end up using the mic as my own personal confessional, but I don’t enjoy it. It’s hard. But you know what? People go with me. I get more feedback the more deeply I share about my own wounds and failures. So be thinking and praying on this before group this week.

If you’re a newer group, be sensitive to this. We’ve tried to word the discussion guide in a way that won’t put people on the spot. Only you have a feel for your group. Don’t lose people by pushing too deep too fast and making it really uncomfortable. But at the same time, if the Spirit starts moving people to share, then follow where the discussion leads!

Another detail is that in the Pray Together section at the end, I suggested “praying Scripture” to close out your time. I only provided the references, so you should grab your Bible ahead of time and check out and bookmark those passages. Praying Scripture can be a powerful experience. betway So if you end up praying through Psalm 51, think about changing the “I’s” to “We’s”. Give pauses in the phrasing to let it sink in and invite the group to pray with you through the prayer in their own hearts and minds.

One last tidbit is that we didn’t leave a whole lot of space for note-taking and doodling. I’d suggest contacting your group ahead of time to tell them you’re looking forward to hanging out again this coming week and then invite them to bring a journal or notebook in case they want to take notes or write down thoughts and feelings. Your internal processors will jump all over it.

That’s the low down on the discussion. I’m hoping to contact each of you in the coming week to see how things are going and also get a headcount of who all is in your group. We want to make sure we’re doing a good job of helping people connect who want to connect.

I’m praying that God is showing up in your lives! Let’s just pray together next week’s prayer…
“Dad, I know you’re real. Make yourself real to me again. Awaken in me, in us, and in our groups, the possibility that with you, I could start all over again!” Amen.


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