Day 10 // 2 Corinthians Week 2 Roundtable

Steve Deur and Steve Thompson are join by Brad Zimmerman to discuss the 2nd week of our 2nd Corinthians devotionals.


  1. Tonya Colbry on February 2, 2024 at 8:03 am

    This really hit me hard. I had posted something that was controversial two days ago and proceeded to have a really “stinky” attitude with a good friend. I took the post down the next morning and reached out to my friend to ask forgiveness and then reached out to our group chat that she & I are in and apologized to them as well. I confessed that I don’t ever want to give Jesus a black eye but I failed. They all forgave me but what we are studying right now is a strong wake up call that my life attitude matters and I don’t want to give a bad fragrance out ever again. Lord Jesus help me in this area Amen

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