Sit at His Feet

Ice Breakers

If you could choose anyone else’s life to live (non-fiction), whose would you choose and why?

Have you ever walked into a setting and immediately felt completely out of place? Share the experience.

Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching…

Review together Sunday’s teaching on Luke 10:38-42 about Mary & Martha.

One of the points Steve made was that there is NO ONE beyond Jesus call to come and sit at his feet. He shared a story of Keith (go to that point in the video to hear it), who most of us would consider beyond redemption. But Jesus got a hold of him while in prison.

  • Do you know stories of people’s lives being completely turned around after encountering Jesus? Please share.
  • When are you tempted to believe that you’re too ________ to sit at Jesus’ feet?
  • What are good ways to combat that lie?

Work and service aren’t bad. It’s just not the beginning or end or our relationship with God.

  • Talk through the Bible’s perspective on work and doing good things.
  • How does what we do relate to our faith/belief? (cf. “faith without works is dead)

Work must flow FROM having sat at the feet of Jesus.

  • Read together John 15:1-8 and discuss your observations on this passage.
  • How does this relate to what Mary chose to do with Jesus?


Now the question is, do we have rhythms of both in our lives?

Where in your calendar are you on your feet?

  • Is there space in your calendar that is set aside to intentionally serve?
  • How do you work it into your everyday life?

Where in your calendar are you sitting at Jesus feet? If you’re too busy, you’ve missed “the better thing.”

  • How have you created a rhythm of starting with and prioritizing your relationship with Jesus?
  • What kinds of things derail you from those rhythms?
  • If this is something you never miss, share how it energizes and anchors your life?

Next Steps

Mary chose the better thing, to sit with Jesus while he was there and available.

  • Look at your week ahead and your regular routine. How can you clear time and space to meet with Jesus?
  • What do you need to stop doing?
  • What do you need to do to set yourself up for success?