Reading the Bible

Ice Breakers

If you’ve got video support, check out this video together.
What’s one of the funniest pranks you’ve ever played on someone or had played on you?

Diving in

For those of us who spend time alone with God on a regular basis, what is your habit?
How do you interact with Scripture?
How do you pray?


Steve gave us a practical way to spend time with God in His Word… the SOAP acronym. Together recall what each letter stands for.

Your leader has pre-selected a passage. (If not, use Matthew 15:1-20)

  • Have someone read that passage out loud.
  • Then have everyone read it quietly to themselves, underlining key word and sentences.
  • Write one of those down in a journal and write your observations of why those things stand out to you.
  • Now, ask God, “what do you want me to do about this?” Write it down and follow through!
  • For those who are willing, share those insights and next steps with the group.

Next Steps

Take time to wrap up with prayer.  But before you do, highlight these actions steps.

  • Think through what it will look like to follow through on what God impressed on you.
  • Who could you share this with sometime this week, beside your group?