Fighting Fears
Genesis 3:1-13

Fear #1: Exposure, which makes me distant.

Fear #2: Disapproval, which makes me defensive.

Fear #3: Losing control, which makes me demanding.

Assessment & Action Step:

Fear #1 Being exposed, vulnerable.

Do you have anyone that really knows you?

Do you run from getting beyond the superficial in your relationships?

What are you pretending isn’t a problem?

How are you covering yourself?

James 5:16a – Confess. Dare to open yourself up and be vulnerable.


Fear #2 Disapproval, unaccepted.

Are you critical of other people?

Is it always the other person’s fault?

Are there always perfectly rational explanations for why you failed to follow through?

Is your first reflex ever to examine your own part in the problem?

Luke 18:9-14 – Point the fingers inward and own up to your percentage of the problem.


Fear #3 Losing control.

Do most of the people around you “just don’t get it”?

Do you tend to raise your voice/yell in pressure situations?

Are you a little territorial, jealous or dislike sharing?

Do you like to check up on people?

Ephesians 5:21 – Let go and submit. Look for mutually agreeable, mutually beneficial ways forward.