The Parenting Journey

Sunday Feb. 10, 6:30-8 p.m.
At the Watermark HUB

This workshop takes you on an easy to follow path that provides compelling yet simple ways to build into the hearts of your kids (ages 0-18).

There will be Desserts and Drinks, and Childcare is provided.

Free book: Each household will receive a FREE copy of David’s book “Words Kids Need to Hear.”

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About David Staal:
David is the President of Kids Hope USA, a national mentoring organization.He has authored several parenting books, and is a Senior Editor for Christianity Today. Prior to his current role, David spent 10 years on staff at Willow Creek Community Church and led the children’s ministry. Residing in West Michigan, David and his wife of 23 years, Becky have two kids.

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  • Day 60: Genesis 50:14-26
  • Day 59: Genesis 50:1-13
  • Day 58: Genesis 49:13-33
  • Day 57: Genesis 49:1-12
  • Day 56: Genesis 48
  • Day 55: Genesis 47
  • Day 54: Genesis 46
  • Day 53: Genesis 45
  • Day 52: Genesis 44
  • Day 51: Genesis 43