Ice Breakers

What have been some of your most embarrasing epic fail, “AFV” worthy moments?
Tell us about one of your worst weeks ever.


Deur walked us through Jesus final moments of life, being ruthlessly mistreated.

  • What types of people did Jesus reach out to with forgiveness?
  • What perspective allowed him to respond in such a radically unnatural way?
  • How do you typically respond to being mistreated?  Share one of those occasions.


What scriptures do you hold on to for perspective and promises?
Share some of your favorite passages and how they’ve comforted you or re-orient you.

Next Steps

Steve gave us some next steps on Sunday…

  • Make Scripture a part of your every day life.
  • Trust God with what you’re going through and experiencing by saying, “into your hands I commit my…”
  • Share what you’re going through with someone.

How have those practices gone?
Which one could you start tomorrow?