Ice Breakers

Have you ever had a “fail” experience worthy of an AFV video?
Tell us about one of your worst weeks ever.


Thompson walked us through Jesus’ Worst Week Ever on Sunday.

  • What areas of your life tend to cause you the greatest stress?  What kinds of things stress you out?
  • How do you generally respond to stressful situations?
  • Did you sense God nudging you about something during the message?  What jumped out to you?


Read together Philippians 2:3-11.

  • How does taking the focus off from ourselves change our perspective on the stress all around us?
  • What would it look like for you to put on “the same attitude of Christ” in the situations that cause you the most stress?

Next Steps

Steve challenged us, in the midst of our stress, to do two things each day:
1) Start our day asking God to give us perspective on our circumstances and on how He sees us.
2) Look for one practical way to serve someone around you.
  • How has that gone so far this week?
  • Any other thoughts or attempts at responding to stress differently?


Take a moment and name your stress in one word…(health, finances, kids, marriage, job, etc…)
Then sit quietly together and allow everyone who wants to participate to name their stress out-loud.
Leader: After people share their stresses pray: “God take these stresses and show us how you see them and how you see us. Show us how we can serve others this week and show your love. Amen.”