Just Sayin'

Speak Up

January 19, 2014

Group Discussion Thompson’s Main Idea: When faced with a redemptive conversation, refuse the fight or flight tactics and speak up!  Be a peacemaker and fight for redemptive outcomes and relationships. Essential Resource! Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler Ice Breakers What are your top 2 TV shows on right now?  What do you…

Show Up

January 12, 2014

Dave’s Main Idea: Take time to show up and say something.  Make time to show up for hope. That’s your gift that’s fit for a king. Ice Breakers: Tell the story of one of your favorite, most fun trips, adventures, or vacations. What made that trip so memorable, fun or impacting? Scripture: Read Matthew 2:1-12…

Listen Up

January 5, 2014

Group Discussion Ice Breakers How many social media outlets do you use? How do you use each one? What are your pet peeves about people’s communication habits on social media? Transition Have you ever had a “foot in mouth” experience (in regular face-to-face conversation)?  What happened? The Big Idea Read together James 3:1-12 What’s something…