Big Current Summer 2013


Jesus busted through walls like the Kool-Aid man/pitcher did in the 1970’s. “Oh Yeah!” Only the effect was much less creepy and much more freeing.

It’s a little known axiom that “the best way to tear a wall down is to put a wall up.”* The churches of our area are proving the paradox yet again. Every few years, all of our faith families link arms and live out the Good News tangibly, visibly, together. This summer we’re out to do it again, building a house with a family in our area that desperately needs adequate affordable housing, and a second chance.

The Exton family currently lives with extended family in woefully substandard housing, cramming their family of four into a 10×12 room. Black mold keeps them going to the doctors office every other week with various illnesses. And because of Brad Exton’s past felony convictions, they don’t qualify to rent… anywhere.

This is where the church is at its best. A community of people who have been given repeated second chances coming alongside a family in dire need of another chance. ivermectin cp pharma preis
Honestly, we don’t get to see the church at its best very often. The press covers all the failures and shortcomings. We hear through the gossip chain about the hypocrisy of her people and leaders. So it’s a breath of fresh air to join in something so life giving.

Before we can put up a single wall or pour a drop of concrete for the foundation we need to raise 100% of the funds. Our goal is to partner with other area churches in raising $50,000 before August 1st. Once funded we can break ground and dedicate the finished home all in three months. But putting up walls means we have to tear down the walls that have so often kept us apart.

Consider how you and your family could give to this project. Then find every other follower of Jesus in your neighborhood or workplace, regardless of where they worship, and invite them to join you in making this happen. Everyone can give at their own churches by marking “Habitat” in the memo line or on the giving envelope.

As the time approaches, you’ll have the opportunity to give your time at any of the various stages of raising a house. Whether you’re skilled or have never lifted a hammer, there are plenty of opportunities to play a part in tearing down walls by putting walls up.

*This is actually not an axiom at all. It was completely made up by the author to try and make a clever point, which explains why you’ve never heard of it.

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