…Finished the Race

Ice Breakers

Have you ever competed in a race or a big competition?  What was it?
How did you prepare for that event?
Did your training pay off?  How did you do?

Diving in

This week we lost a dear friend Jeff Johnson, a man of God who lived out his faith everyday. Have you had loss like this in your life? Share a story of how this person impacted and inspired you.


Steve talked us through 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, and Paul’s encouragement to train ourselves spiritually with the same commitment and dedication that we would for an athletic event.

  • What kinds of things do you currently do for spiritual training?
  • What are some of the practices you’ve seen in people that you admire that you believe contributed to who they are/were and their impact and influence?

Steve shared how Hebrews 12:1-2 became a vivid vision as he ran around an ancient track in a coliseum at Aphrodisius.  It was a powerful and moving experience to hear the early disciples and martyrs encouraging him on, his grandparents and other loved ones cheering wildly and lovingly, and Jesus running with him… helping him keep pace to make it to the end.

  • Who’s cheering you on?
  • Who’s running/training with you?
  • If you don’t have any names listed there, who are some people that you would consider inviting to be training buddies with you?

Next Steps

It’s all about choices and habits… training yourself today for something you hope to do tomorrow.

  • What’s ONE thing you can begin doing tomorrow that could open yourself up to Jesus, his presence and power, to fill you more fully?
  • What’s ONE thing you need to stop doing to make time or room for that, or because it’s simply a hinderance to running your race?
  • Share those things with your training buddy(s)!