…Wants to Know God’s Will

Ice Breakers

Keeping it on a lighter, less significant level, if you had a “Do Over” button, what would you go back and re-do in your life?
Looking back 10 years in your life, what would your ten year’s younger self be shocked to know about your current self?

Diving in

At what points in your life have you most wanted to know what God’s will is for you before you made a decision?
How did you go about figuring it out?


Steve talked about a tremendous amount of freedom within God’s boundaries as revealed in Scripture. If you are within those boundaries, you are not going to miss out on God’s will for your life.  Nor can you derail God’s will.

  • What are your reactions to those statements?
  • How have you experienced that to be true or untrue?
  • Does this liberate you from guilt or insecurity about choices you’ve made?  How so?

How do you go about making major life decisions?
How do you go about making daily, little choices?

Read together James 1:5-8.

  • What were some of the ways that Steve mentioned we gain wisdom?
  • Can you think of others?

Next Steps

God is far more concerned about who we’re becoming and following, then what decisions we’re making about what to do.

  • Of the things that you’ve discussed, what is one thing you’ve neglected that you can pick up and use or take advantage of this week?
  • Bring up a decision you’ve been wondering about with your group right now.  What wisdom did your life group provide in discerning God’s will?