Ice Breakers

Did the man in the speedo (from Steve’s photo) cause you to stumble?
Do you remember the worst thing you ever got in trouble for?  What happened?
What was your parent’s disciplinary style?


Read together Hebrews 12:5-13.

  • What part of this passage jumps out at you on first reading?
  • What part strikes you as odd or untrue?
  • What does God’s discipline look like?
  • How have you experienced his discipline in your life?

It’s crucial to understand the relationship behind God’s discipline… he’s a loving Father and we’re his children.  Our perspective on God’s discipline needs to be shaped by our identity as His dearly loved children.


Laodicea got “taken behind the wood shed,” so to speak. They’ve completely assimilated to their culture and become complacent in their affluent bubble.  It makes Jesus sick to his stomach.

  • What perspective shift did the followers of Jesus in Laodicea have to understand?
  • What is Jesus longing to see happen in their lives if they can “wake up” to the reality of their situation?


Steve read this letter to us, Watermarkers, feeling like Jesus might want to say these things to us today.

  • What do you agree or disagree with?
  • Where have you unthinkingly adopted the values of your culture that don’t align with the values of Jesus and His Kingdom?

Next Steps

What does it look like for you to move from complacency to fully abandoned trust in Jesus?
What does it look like for you this week to in practical ways open the door for Jesus to come in to your life and have free reign to rearrange your house and life?