Deur’s Main Idea:

Idolatry in our day looks like good things in life that have been elevated to ultimate things.  Jesus wants to open our eyes to areas in our life where we’ve bought into counterfeit gods.

Ice Breakers

What is your absolute favorite hobby/thing to do when you have free time and money and the ability to do it?
How did you get into that pastime?
Would your spouse or people who know you well say you are a little addicted to this hobby?
Tell us about why you agree or disagree with their assessment.

Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching…

In writing letters to each city, Jesus, through John, used imagery and cultural context very familiar to them.

  • What was new or interesting that you learned from the message?
  • What questions or confusion do you have?


Read together Revelation 2:12-17.

  • What’s something new that you noticed about this passage?
  • What problems or questions do you have about this passage?

The followers of Jesus in Pergamum stayed clear of obvious idols.  But Jesus warned them that they were compromising/flirting with cultural activities that would trip them up.

  • What are the two ways Jesus listed that were compromising for them?
  • Why do you think those things would “trip up” a follower of Jesus?


In our culture we have many good things that people tend to make ultimate things.

  • List out some of these things you see in our local or national culture.

Followers of Jesus can often stay away from the obvious counterfeit gods in our culture, but we can grow blissfully oblivious to ways in which we may be compromising.

  • Read together one man’s opinion on America’s Top Gods.
  • Did any of these make your list together?
  • Do you agree or disagree with this list?

Talk through the test he gives for uncovering some “functional gods” in our lives.

  • Take a minute to jot down some personal areas that may be showing up on this test for you.
  • Who can you share this with?

Next Steps

This week, re-take Howard Snyder’s 5 question test.

  • What’s on top that may be competing with God for top priority in your life?

  • Choose just one of the five test points to address.

  • What is one way in which you can devalue that potential counterfeit god this week?

  • What is one way in which you can elevate God in your life?