Revelation Worship

Ice Breakers

Have you been paying attention to the Olympics?  What have you tuned in to see?
What’s your favorite outdoor activity in the winter?

Thoughts on Sunday’s gathering…

We had a unique worship gathering geared around some worship themes in the book of Revelation.

  • What was new or interesting that you really enjoyed?
  • What parts made you uncomfortable or wish you had skipped this week?
  • Did you sense God’s presence and connect with him?  How so?

Further food for thought…

We have two suggestions for further teaching and discussion.
In this teaching, Steve Thompson digs into the book of Revelation to give context for understanding the book of Revelation.  He then delves into the theme of worship in Revelation and how it forces us to make an important decision.

In this teaching, Ray VanderLaan takes us to the town of Priene, located just south of Ephesis in Asia Minor (Turkey).  He brings to life how these early followers of Jesus went from underdogs to radically changing the cultural landscape because of their Spirit-filled, counter-cultural lifestyles.

After watching either video, ask:

  • What part of this teaching stuck with you the most?
  • What did it inspire in you?


How does this apply to us, today?

Next Steps

What next steps can we take to make these applications a part of our lives?