Jesus & Stories // Luke 8

Ice Breakers

What’s your favorite book of all time and why?

What story (listened to, movie, book, etc.) has impacted you the most recently?

What made it so impacting for you?


Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching…

Steve walked us through the story of a man who was oppressed by demons and was clearly crazed and had to be separated from his community. But he calmly and compassionately freed him and set his life in a new direction and on a mission.

  • What do we learn about God’s heart and character by how Jesus acted in this scenario?
  • Demonization seems rare in our culture. Yet the New Testament takes the spiritual realm very seriously. How do you view and interact with the spiritual realm, both the good and evil?
  • Was Jesus irresponsible in turning this guy lose to be a missionary without giving him some solid training? Why or why not?
  • Have you ever witnessed or experienced this kind of life changing story? Share about it with the group.



Jesus wants to turn you loose to share how he has impacted your life. Take a moment to share or write down together…

  • Identify where God’s story has intersected with yours.
  • What was happening at that time?
  • How did God show up?
  • How have I changed?

Have you ever had an opportunity to share a story of how God has showed up in your life? How did that go?

Do you feel like you don’t have a time when you can say God has shown up in your life? At least not in a way that could relate to someone else?

  • That’s totally fine! Feel free to say that.
  • Are you open to praying right now for God to show up in your life? Maybe in a physical problem, a relational issue, something chaotic that’s out of your control?
  • If you begin to ask God for this, make sure you start paying attention to how he might be showing up. Even journal what you’re seeing or not seeing.


Next Steps

Jesus wants us to share our story with others and gives us opportunities if we’re paying attention.

  • Is there someone you know who might resonate with your story because of what they’re going through?
  • What could you do this week to stay alert to an opportunity to share your story?
  • If you haven’t already during this group, share a recent time that God has shown up in your life and how it impacted you.