Jesus Teaches / Luke 6

Ice Breakers

What was your favorite commercial from the Super Bowl?
Were there any commercials that struck you as making ridiculous claims? Which one(s)?

Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching…

We covered Luke 6:20-49. Jesus teaches a radically different way to live that doesn’t come naturally. Look back through the passage and think back to Sunday’s message.

  • Why do you think Jesus shared this counter-cultural challenging teaching with the crowds right when His popularity began to soar?
  • Which of Jesus’ thoughts on living “an upside-down” life strike you as the most difficult?
  • Do any of these seem impossible? Explain.
  • What gets in the way of living a life of loving enemies, blessing those who curse, forgiving others and not condemning others?
  • What are some practical ways to love on one’s enemies in our day and context?

Look at the list of those who God blesses in verses 20-21. Then look at the sorrows that await for people in the opposite camp in verse 24-26.

  • What do you think Jesus is trying to communicate here?
  • Which group do you identify with most?
  • If you identify with the first group, do you feel blessed? How so?
  • If you identify with the second group, are you concerned about what may be on the horizon?
  • How does one in the second group avoid the “sorrow that awaits”?


Jesus wraps up his instructions on this “upside-down life” with a couple of metaphors to stress how important it is to follow through on his teaching. Let’s take his fruit test together… (Maybe quietly grade yourself on a 1-10 scale. Maybe ask your spouse or friend to grade you. Maybe try and come up with one example for both where you succeeded and where you biffed it.

  • How do I treat enemies and those who mistreat me?
    • Love them.
    • Do good to them.
    • Pray for them.
    • Give to them.
    • Lend to them without expectation of repayment.
    • Be kind to the unthankful.
    • Be compassionate.
  • How am I doing with being judgmental of others?
  • How am I doing with being generous?

If this exercise was too intense and you decided to skip it, ponder/discuss the following questions…

  • In a perfect world, what characteristics would you want showing in your life – to be known by?
  • What barriers do I need to navigate that keep me from reflecting deeply on myself?
  • Who do I trust to be honest with me about the “fruit” of my life?

Next Steps

Fruitfulness comes from 1) putting Jesus teaching into practice and 2) abiding in Jesus.

1. Based on your fruit test, pick one area and one circumstance where you can change how you’re currently reacting or not following through. Decide how you’re going to change it.

2. Read John 15:1-5. What can you do to remain, abide, stay constantly close to Jesus? Pick one of those that you will put into practice this week.