Jesus Sends / Luke 10

Ice Breakers

Share with each other what initially drew you to Watermark. Why did you stick around?

How have people from this faith family played a part in impacting you spiritually?

Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching…

Jesus said that “the harvest is great” in this passage, Luke 10:1-20.

  • What’s your observation of the “ripeness of the harvest” around here?
  • Does it seem like people are generally spiritually hungry for Jesus and his Kingdom? Why or why not?

When we think about being a harvester or a missionary or someone who brings people to Jesus, what does that look like? What kind of misconceptions do we have about what that takes?

God’s solution to the problem of many people needing Jesus is to send us, you and me. This can be a scary prospect. Steve unpacked the strategy that Jesus passed along to his disciples… the “person of peace.”

  • Have someone in the group describe what the person of peace is. (welcomes, supports/serves, listens, opens up home and life)
  • What does a person of peace look like in our context?
  • Come up with examples of people in your lives who might be people of peace to you. They’re not yet followers of Jesus, but they like you and are open to you.


The first step Jesus wants us to take is to “pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest, and ask him to send more workers into his fields.” Take time as a group to pray on this for a bit.

  • Start off your prayer time simply by asking for more people who have a passion and burden for the people that God cares about so much.
  • Then take the list of people of peace that you made and take time to pray for those people that God would give you an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with them.
  • Look at Acts 4:23-31 to see how the disciples began to pray.

Next Steps

Discuss ways that you could be intentional about inviting these people of peace deeper into your lives. In other words, how can you make room in your life for people of peace so that they can see Jesus in you, your family, and your routine? And in providing more access to your life, you’re also hoping and praying for opportunities to share how Jesus is central to your life.

  • Of the ideas that you’ve discussed, which one sounds like one that you could easily do?
  • What will it take to make that happen in the next week?
  • Share that idea with your group.
  • Follow up next week on how that went.