Jesus Heals / Luke 5

Ice Breakers

If you could only say one word or phrase for 24 hours starting tomorrow morning, what would it be?

Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching…

We read together Luke 5:17-26, and came to understand that Jesus’ healing people was a miraculous signal that God’s Kingdom, his rule and reign, his original design and plan for creation is breaking into our dysfunctional reality. And now he gives ALL of his followers his authority to play a part in continuing to bring in that new reality.

What were your thoughts and impressions from this past week’s teaching?

  • Have you ever witnessed a miraculous healing? What happened?
  • Have you ever prayed for healing for someone else while with them? What happened?
  • Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. How does that impact you?

What other barriers have you encountered in not playing a part in praying for healing?
Below is a list of barriers Steve mentioned on Sunday. Have you faced these?

  • We have a warped view of God. Seeing sickness as coming from God.
  • We have a warped view faith. Believing healing somehow depends on us.


This could be incredibly awkward for some, so give people the space to not participate. But let’s practice a part of what Jesus has asked us to be about.

  • Ask if anyone in your group has some illness physical, emotional or otherwise and would like prayer.
  • Gather around them, or have a couple people place their hands on their back.
  • You can anoint them with oil (just grab some from the kitchen). James 5:13-15
  • Silently ask the Holy Spirit how he wants you to pray and give you the words.
  • Pray.
  • If God heals, you’ve got some serious partying to do.
  • If God doesn’t, commit to continue asking God for healing. Luke 18:1-8

Next Steps

If praying over sickness isn’t already a regular part of your life, and you’re wanting to navigate the barriers you’ve identified, then what are your next steps?

Is there anyone that God may have brought to mind that you think you should go and pray with?