Lord’s Prayer Worship Experience

February 22, 2015

Jesus Sends / Luke 10

February 15, 2015

Ice Breakers Share with each other what initially drew you to Watermark. Why did you stick around? How have people from this faith family played a part in impacting you spiritually? Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching… Jesus said that “the harvest is great” in this passage, Luke 10:1-20. What’s your observation of the “ripeness of the…

Jesus & Stories // Luke 8

February 8, 2015

Ice Breakers What’s your favorite book of all time and why? What story (listened to, movie, book, etc.) has impacted you the most recently? What made it so impacting for you?   Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching… Steve walked us through the story of a man who was oppressed by demons and was clearly crazed and…

Jesus Teaches / Luke 6

February 1, 2015

Ice Breakers What was your favorite commercial from the Super Bowl? Were there any commercials that struck you as making ridiculous claims? Which one(s)? Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching… We covered Luke 6:20-49. Jesus teaches a radically different way to live that doesn’t come naturally. Look back through the passage and think back to Sunday’s message.…

Jesus Heals / Luke 5

January 25, 2015

Ice Breakers If you could only say one word or phrase for 24 hours starting tomorrow morning, what would it be? Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching… We read together Luke 5:17-26, and came to understand that Jesus’ healing people was a miraculous signal that God’s Kingdom, his rule and reign, his original design and plan for…

Jesus Invites / Luke 5

January 19, 2015

Jesus Tempted / Luke 4

January 11, 2015

Ice Breakers If you could teach a class on anything you could choose to, what would it be? To what age group or demographic? Why? Thoughts on Sunday’s teaching… Two Sundays ago, by looking at Jesus’ baptism, we talked about how God has given us a brand new identity. We are his dearly loved kids…

Jesus Baptized / Luke 3

January 4, 2015

Big Idea “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” -Luke 3:21 We have been made children of our Father God through Jesus. We can now live lives on mission, empowered by the Holy Spirit, just like Jesus did… in his footsteps. Ice Breakers If you were deserted on an…